Begining of the End (Again)

So here I am, a mojito next to my keyboard and Craigslist open in the other window. A year at last, has come and gone, and I sit no further along the Foodie Food Chain than when I started  (this is mostly my own damn fault.)

I kept meaning to get back into school and get that business degree I’ve been meaning to complete for the last five years but something always came up. Psychotic ex-girlfriends, best friends wedding which I catered (moar on that later) the great Jazzbones Adventure, and other pitfalls that leave me pretty much right where I began.

Come October I will be one more invalid seaching for work as I part ways from my current company. Though no one can say I haven’t mellowed some. No big fights this time, no blow ups, no walk outs, no call backs. Just a simple severing of ties as they go one way and I go mine. With few exceptions I can say I’ve never felt less about finishing my time with a company. Usually it was a money issue (which didn’t have time to crop up yet) or a management issue (which I rarely saw), or a professional issue ( was left to my own devices for the most part and hence can only complain to myself). I won’t miss my fellow tennants in that building. The majority of whom are upstanding citizens that deserve a medal of courage for braving that elevator multiple times a day. But there are those few that ruin it for the rest.

I’ll definately miss the fact that the whole facility is on one level (minus junk storage on P2). That was a first for me and after working other down town spots this was a welcome respite to my calves and my tollerance for van loading. And while I won’t miss the plumbing in that place I will miss the beautiful new dishwasher I lobbied to get installed after the last one pretty much stopped working. Again, I had never encountered a machine younger than myself before and when Auto Chlor installs them babies they are a marvel. You’d think a Chef would ramble on and on about the appliances (some of which have seen better days that actually belong to me) or the stove or the tables but no, I love that dishmachine. My stainless steel water powered cleaning clock, ticking away load after load in perfect precision.

But it isn’t all longing. I have a few awards now to enjoy along with the memory of the fruits of my labors. I also have some rock solid recipes, some of which the clientel never even got a chance to try that I can hold on to and after a few years pass I can unleash them on the unsuspecting public once more. For few things are finer than a dish coming round again. I certainly appreciated my window view of the sound, another first. As all the other kitchens I toiled in were subteranian dungeons which while definately my style, also lack the boon of a breeze for those sweltering summer days at the grill.

All in all it was a pretty good run, and unlike in the past I’m not leaving on a depressing down note. I plan to go on to bigger and better things, instead of scraping by a living like I have in the past. I also plan to continue this little blog, as it has done wonders for my memory and my humility when it comes to past exploits.


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