Crossing Boarders

Wow, I missed a whole week of updates, must’ve been busy! Or perhaps it was recouping from that 17 hour day last Friday? Eh, all I know is the week of 7/13 to 7/19 is a blur of prep, cleaning, and throwing orders out the door as quickly as I can send them. For while it took its sweet time getting here we are at last in the full swing of the busy season. (From the Chef end at least.)

My poor Sous Nick, torn in four different directions: Dish washer, Prep Cook, Onsite Chef, and Event Lead. He did it all and did it well but I don’t envy his multi-tasking one bit. The amount of 5-Hour Energy Drinks he pounded down through out that day was enough to make my kidneys hurt by proxy. So you can only imagine the shock his system went through. I like to think I held up well through the weekend. I was largely left the hell alone which helps. I don’t know about you folks but after hour 12 I’m worthless in the brain department, it’s just the body going through the motions it’s done a thousand times before. I’m taking a strong mental note of this time for two reasons.

1) To remind myself to be ready for the December Push.

2) To bring this time up during my review in two months.

I am just a stone’s throw away from my one year anniversary as Chef at AGA and it certainly shows in the kitchen. I think I’ve really got the system down as far as where to store the dry goods, the partially prepped items, and the finished product. I have a well oiled machine of Ordering, Prep, and Cleaning (Thank you once again Jason!) With out I would be a singular lost soul among a throng of hungry Seattleites.

The events went well, despite my on going paranoia that a major disaster is just around the bend. And thankfully I don’t get nearly as angry as I used to, I’ve just learned to cope and roll with the punches and remember what went wrong so I can crush it in the future. Zoobiliee in particular went well, though I haven’t seen any reports yet. The general consensus was positive, in spite of the complete lack of photography of our part, but it’s good to see that the event still draws a crown even in 90 degree humid weather.

We Washingtonians may bitch and moan about the rain but most of us can’t handle heat to save our souls. My pudgy self definitely included. Thankfully I don’t do onsite freebies anymore and the rest of the staff had fun with it. The event at the Burke Museum was a blast, largely a New Zealander wedding (or Kiwis if you’re familiar with such). Though I did almost get a beat down from the Father of the Bride for jokingly asking why they hadn’t played, “I come from a land down under” with their DJ mix. He then realized I was joking with him and he let it go, that jolly old soul.

The Saturday event was a little rocky, but next time I think we’ll change the drive time to Steilacoom to 45 minutes instead of half an hour with Saturday Summer traffic. Other than that, everything was salvaged, we were out on time and the event went well. Though we are in need of a new bartender now, so if you know anyone contact Moe in the office.

Kitchen’s closed.



2 Responses to “Crossing Boarders”

  1. Caroline Says:

    you do know that it was me who cleaned up all your counters on friday, right? just saying 🙂

  2. Colin Says:

    No I didn’t, but thank you very much.

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