Fourths and Fifths

Happy belated Fourth, for those of you that managed to con your respective bosses into getting the night off. I was no so lucky, but then again like my good buddy Nick. When given the option of money or freedom I almost always choose the cash. (This is funny because if I’m salaried the money is always the same. Cursed work ethic!) At any rate, I made plans to party hard on Tuesday to make up for my culinary exploits over the weekend. When who should call me after I had already gone home for the day on Monday, but the boss!

Apparently, some major snafu happened in Seattle and they needed a caterer, at the Chinese Room, for 80. . .on WEDNESDAY! And with the Sales Manager out of town that cut our full time resources down by 33%. Plans were thrown into action; I raced out to Cash and Carry and managed to pull the event off with little to no snags. (Both Dish Washer and Sous Chef were out of town on respective business.) Which really confuses the hell out of me. This is the first time in my profession where as a caterer I hear of people taking vacation time in the busy season, let alone July! I was always under the impression that you never take time off starting May to September, but here I sit in an empty office. Now I will fully admit to bitterness, I have no one to pass the buck off to while I relax on the sandy beaches of where ever. (Mind you, I couldn’t afford to go there anyway, but it’s the principal of thing.) Granted, I’ll be taking time off on a really busy day to be the best man at a friends wedding, but that’s a day, not a week. Ah well, most of them earned it, and if I had the ability I just might have done it myself. </rant>

Anywho, Tuesday was a blast, I highly suggest you check out Jazzbones on a Tuesday for their live comedy. A lot of comics come through there and they like to try out new material on us on their way up (or down). And Sean Culver picks some truly awesome talent, man’s got skills I’ll give’em that. I think I over did it though, as I was attending the night’s festivities with my new roommate I bought round after round of Mandarin Moon. Where you have your typical pint of Blue Moon Pale Ale with orange slice squeezed in, and you add a shot of Mandarin Absolute. Imagine a punch to the mouth but your opponent’s fist is made of oranges. Good stuff but 5 in two hours is over kill, even for a guy my size. Thank the gods I live with in stumbling distance eh? No DUI for me.

At any rate, the event Wednesday went swell, hang over and all. I did have to invent a wedding cake for them using bits of a fruit tray, chevre cheesecake, and sugar packets when the concierge forgot to order one for them. But they loved it, and even sent us home with their left over booze. Now that’s the kind of tip I can get behind! Time to get crackin’ for the weekend, lots more food to do, and with my Sous out of commission with a shredded right hand (sheet metal is apparently sharp, who knew?) I have some toil ahead of me.

Kitchen’s closed.



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